Alan E. Baklayan on frequency therapy.

Alan E. Baklayan on frequency therapy

Interview with the inventor of the Biowave, Golden Stream, TRIKOMBIN, Diamond Shield Zapper and Impulse Discharge Therapy, Alan E. Baklayan.

Q: Mr. Baklayan since the invention of the Zapper, you have been considered one of the most important researchers in the field of frequency therapy, with one development after the next. Can you tell us in a few words what keeps driving you there?

B: The patient quite simply. When I integrated zapper technology into my practice in 1996, I was truly amazed by the sudden breakthroughs. Imagine you are taking care of a few hundred patients and, as in every practice, you have your “30 lambs” among them who are making slow progress, then you use the Zapper technology and all 30 patients, without exception, suddenly make huge progress and feel better. These are impressions you do not forget.

Q: It really got better for everyone? You know that many people very much doubt the effectiveness of the zapper.

B: I know it’s hard to believe, but that’s how it was. It went to all substantially better. As far as effectiveness is concerned, it’s like anything: used correctly, you can achieve a lot with it. I have years of experience that frequency therapy in combination with micronutrients is an unbeatable combination even for the most severe diseases. The obvious advantage: If used incorrectly, simply …nothing happens. No resonance, so also no harmful side effects.

The skeptics always amaze me. When you experience daily how well something works, it is so self-evident for you that when I read what these so-called skeptics write, I first have to think again: oh yes, that’s right, there are also these people, I forgot about them! Since I know from experience that you will never convince such people, no matter how many successes a method has, it is not worth wasting your time with them. For me, they are relics that are attached to the paradigms of medicine of the 19th century. Hold on to the 21st century. Dinosaurs that are not yet extinct.

Q: Why this combination of frequencies and micronutrients??

B: Put simply, it’s the mental-physical principle. Nothing is more effective than frequencies to set regulatory processes in motion, to remove energetic blockages, to correct cellular information and to change electric and electromagnetic fields, while the exhausted substantial, i.e. physical deficiencies and metabolic derangements can best be remedied with micronutrients. Used at the same time it works best for the patient.

Q: If everything went so well then, what’s the point of further developments?? You could have sat back and relaxed &#8230 couldn’t you?

B: Good point! But that’s how it works only in American advertisements. Every therapist knows that. As soon as you have good successes, you are recommended to others and the cases that come then … are basically more difficult than the previous ones. So what has worked for the majority, works in individual cases again not quite so well and soon one thinks about how to get these more difficult cases better under control, how to improve the method, how to achieve above all faster successes.

Secondly, at that time I made the demand that the patient should be able to do a lot of things himself and that clearly required more differentiated applications.

Q: Even faster results?

B: Yes, what most people forget is that these methods are not recognized by the general health insurance companies. This also means that the patient has to pay for everything himself and therefore the pressure on the therapist to succeed is enormous. If something doesn’t work after a few treatments, the patients soon stay away. Methods that do not work well, cannot survive for a long time.

F: That makes sense. What came first?

B: The Biowave was the first step. The first model came out in 1999. I had wished that at the same time the general effect of the Clark application is supplemented by specific applications for general disease patterns – starting from colds up to degenerative processes. So can play certain sequences of frequencies. For this I developed a whole series of programs and frequencies and the Biowave 21, as well as the Biowave 77 for therapists came out of it.

Q: How were the successes?

B: It was great at the time. We have been able to achieve and do so many things that were not possible before.

Q: And why did you develop the Golden Stream??

B: Yes, that’s a funny story. I had been annoyed by another device. The manufacturer claimed that it can order everything in the body and mind with only three frequencies, which are said to have a cosmic effect. This is of course complete nonsense. Everyone who knows something about harmonic laws and biophysics knows that this is not possible. You may find a piece of music you are listening to very beautiful, but would you want to listen to the same piece of music all the time?? And would it fit for any of their moods? Of course not.

We analyzed the said three frequencies and found out that they are quite ordinary Rife frequencies. Simply brazen! But the device costs over 1200 Euro! The consumer is really ripped off and I can’t stand that in death, when the ignorance of the end consumer is exploited, and the method harmed.

Q: But this device must work somehow?

B: Of course it works, every self-made zapper for 30 Euro also works. The end user can not distinguish.

Q: How did it go on?

B: The basic idea of finding a program to regulate everything appealed to me and I knew from Chinese medicine, kinesiology and acupuncture massage according to Penzel that when all meridians are brought into balance and communicate with each other again, this has an incredibly beneficial effect on the whole body. And voila, the Golden Stream was born.

Q: So out of spite?

B: Yes, I do this more often. There are lymphatic drainage devices on the market for therapists that cost over 2000 Euros. We can imitate the effect by programming the zapper with a chip card accordingly. And already it was done. The Chip Card costs 28 euros.

Q: And that replaces a device for 2000 euros?

B: Yes of course, as good as. The possibilities we have today through programming are incredible.

F: Mr. Baklayan, there you make yourselves surely often enemies?

B: Yes, many companies and dealers do not like me at all. but I can live with it. The patient comes first and should be able to afford this therapy.

Q: But you obviously hit limits again?

B: Yes, as always the development goes on, we needed for example the possibility to cover whole frequency ranges steplessly to fight parasites and pathogens better, also we discovered that if you work with two signals (i.e. a modulation), the information penetrates much deeper into the body and the effect is much stronger. The Biowave and the other zappers on the market could not do all that. That’s when the Diamond Shield finally came on the market in June 2012, which was technically advanced. That was a revolution.
In the past we played single notes, the Diamond Shield plays whole keyboards up and down.

Q: And what is the Diamond Shield program itself??

B: Basically it is the further development of the Golden Stream, only that now the entire frequency range of the individual meridians is covered and two signals are sent simultaneously – it is incomparably stronger than the Golden Stream. With the Golden Stream it is as if you monotonously play single notes on the piano and now suddenly you play whole octaves and keys up and down with the Diamond Shield. In addition, the pulse discharge increases the effect by quite a bit.

Q: Mr. Baklayan, what is pulse discharge??

B: Quite simply, the device switches on and off automatically – at minute intervals, so that there is always a beneficial impulse for the body followed by a chance to discharge all the harmful tensions into the earth.

Q: Can you illustrate that with an example?

B: It’s like when you want to exercise a muscle, you can’t tense it all the time, you get a cramp. It is important to give it breaks every now and then. Let it rest and tighten it up again. The more often this happens, the better the training works.

Q: Now I understand it. that is a good example. And all the previous zappers can’t do that?

B: No, this is another revolution, in all other zappers, so to speak, according to the analogy, the tension would be constant to the point of cramp.

Any therapist working with zappers should take into account that without grounding radicals are created.

Q: Do you have evidence of this?

B: I noticed during the treatment of cancer patients that after very long zapper treatments at a stretch, the radicals had always multiplied. That made me very suspicious.

Since we have been working with grounding and pulse discharge, this no longer happens. It also makes sense immediately: if you supply the body with weak currents for a long time without grounding, radicals are created. Every therapist who works with zappers should take this into account.
Otherwise, the unbelievable healing effect of grounding has been known for a long time by bioenergetic testing therapists and living biologists.

…the difference between the Biowave and the Diamond Shield is like comparing the first phone with a smartphone…

Q: It really sounds like there is a world of difference between the devices, both technologically and in terms of effectiveness.

B: However, developments just keep going and the difference between the Biowave and the Diamond Shield is like trying to compare an old phone with a smartphone. It does not work at all… There are now almost 20 years between them.

Q: But between a phone and a smartphone are also in terms of price worlds or?

B: I have always insisted on that. I want the technology to remain affordable for the end user and patient. For me, the frequency is therapy, a therapy from the battery and from me it should preferably be free…

Q: Mr. Baklayan, I’m sure many people thank you for that, but I guess there are limits, of course.

B: Yes, but with a Diamond Shield Professional you are a lot closer to the goal. The therapist or researcher has for the first time a device in which he can program everything himself, and produce as many programs for as many patients as desired. It’s really quite easy, you can learn the programming in 5 minutes.

Then you have all the technical refinements like – two signals – and coverage of -frequency ranges – and even automatic adjustment of the volt number to the skin texture.

Q: What is that?

B: Oh yes, I forgot, that is another ability of the Diamond Shield. It is called constant current measurement.
Every skin is known to have different moisture and conduct electricity differently. During the application the skin also dries out frequently. Probably all zapper users know the problem. To counteract this, the Diamond Shield has an automatic system built into it that keeps the current constant to guarantee the optimal effect.

Q: And how does the user know which programs to use??

B: There are many Rife libraries on the Internet that can be easily downloaded and used. Our working group TREF will gladly send a list of frequencies free of charge. In addition, I have published a so-called Clark Primer, in which at least all Clark frequencies and the required settings are well explained. You get the book automatically with the purchase of a Diamond Shield Professional or you can also buy it if you want to work with other frequency generators.

Q: Mr. Baklayan there are still other developments to come?

B: Well, the Crystal Zapper has been around since June 2015.

Q: You can hardly keep up. What is that again?

B: Quite simply, instead of constantly covering the frequency range of each meridian, the Crystal program targets 144 acupuncture points one at a time and balances them out.

Q: Wow, that sounds like science fiction, but doesn’t it contradict your previous statement that it is better to cover frequency ranges??

B: No, these are two different effects. With a parasite, for example, I do not know the thousands of frequencies with which it resonates, so it is much more effective to cover the entire range. Individual frequencies, on the other hand, have a much stronger effect than frequency ranges, if they are hit precisely. Since we now know the frequency of each acupuncture point, it is of course much better to specifically target them individually.

Q: Mr. Baklayan and what is the program for??

B: Similar to the Diamond Shield, it covers all areas universally, only that this time everything is regulated intensively nearly two hours long. The effect is a deep detoxification and regulation of the entire body. As each point regulates and orders its environment, anything foreign is simply removed. The effect on the whole being is gentle and profound. In our practice we notice how all values improve steadily in patients who use the Crystal Zapper.

Q: So a real universal application?

About Alan Baklayan

Alan Baklayan opened a Kung Fu and Tai Chi school in Munich in 1976 and his naturopathic practice about ten years later, both of which are still flourishing today. In addition to numerous book publications such as “War of the Mountain Demons”, “Parasites” or “Gentle Healing”, he has also developed the frequency devices the Diamond Shield Zapper and the TRIKOMBIN and thus helped frequency therapy to make great progress. You can also find more information about Mr. Baklayan on his Facebook page.