CBD (cannabidiol) Can it help in the treatment of burnout

CBD – treatment against burnouts

Unfortunately, in today’s world it often happens that one suffers a burnout with time in the job or in everyday life. This can happen due to many reasons, such as overwork or lack of acceptance in today’s society. With a time out, the sick person is usually unfortunately not cured.

Even with the commercially available anti-depressants, the sufferer sometimes cannot be completely freed from the disease. On the contrary, it can happen that a certain dependence on the commercial drug develops, due to the very strong and lasting effect on psyche and mind.

Another alternative based on natural substances is the following: Cannabidiol (CBD – main component of medical cannabis) contains almost no THC. The term THC refers to the substance that often provides an intoxicating effect.

Compared to the conventional medications available for purchase in the market, pure cannabidiol (CBD) can have a mood-boosting effect and can entice sufferers to feel more positive and optimistic emotions.

A Canadian scientist found out in 2005 that this is due to the stimulated cell growth in the area of the brain, which is stimulated by taking CBD.

Thus, the “hippocampus”, the area of the brain that is responsible for anxiety, depression, but also memory and learning processes, can be additionally supported positively.

Many users can practically confirm this, claiming to feel a sense of relaxation and anxiety relief. Cannabidiol is also said to show a unique effect against the fast following problems of falling asleep and solve this problem.

The product can be purchased in the form of a brownish liquid filled in pipette bottles. The intake is done by daily admixture of the preparation in meals or drinks.