Blood pressure from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine – pulse diagnosis

Blood pressure from the TCM point of view

The blood pressure, as it knows the western medicine, the traditional Chinese medicine does not know. However, during the TCM pulse diagnosis a certain type of blood pressure is observed (felt), namely how and in which quality the blood moves.

The pulse is felt at several points on both hands. Chinese specialists in this field can even feel pregnancy that is not yet detectable with a conventional test.

Here I would like to give you a short overview of how TCM distinguishes low and high blood pressure and give you some tips to follow.

Details I can give you – for the known reasons (each person is different) – not with, exact diet plans only after a conversation with you create.

Low blood pressure – „general weakness“ or „lack of energy“

If you feel listless, tired or dizzy all the time or at certain times, have your blood pressure or blood count checked by a doctor.

In TCM these sensations are described with a lack of energy in the earth element – more precisely: in the area of the spleen.

Long-term dietary and lifestyle mistakes easily cause a lack of energy in the spleen during life. It can then no longer do its job – among other things, the blood production suffers in the long term thereby. (Please read the chapters „The way of food“ and „Warm breakfast“).

I have pictured the spleen to you as a so-called „fire“ that „vaporizes&#8220the food that comes in;. Imagine a perfume atomizer – as long as it is new, it produces very fine mist. This fine mist can be well processed by other organs of the body.

If for some reason the spleen gets too little energy (in this case heat), then it can no longer produce the required amount of fine mist – blood production suffers. If you are a woman, this can also lead to menstrual problems in the long term. (These please also again clarify with your doctor!)

But if you still suffer from chronic fatigue, then the main energy store in the body (kidney) may also be lacking some heat. Depending on the symptom, there are now different foods that will give you energy again. In addition, it has also proven to be beneficial if you revise your lifestyle.

Coffee, raw fruits and vegetables, and cold foods, fruit juices, designer drinks, an excess of dairy products, and irregular diet.

Cooked, steamed food, z.B. long cooked stews. Ideal foods are root vegetables (carrots, fennel, potatoes…), walnuts, chestnuts, dates, raisins, rice, corn, millet, oats – as spices, some ginger, pepper, cinnamon – please always make sure that you do not get too hot!!

Increased blood pressure:

If your doctor has diagnosed „elevated“ or „high“ blood pressure and may also have prescribed medication for you, then it is now especially important to adjust your diet to this energetic condition.

The increased or high blood pressure knows several causes in TCM – on the one hand, an energetic imbalance of the spleen can also be the cause here. On the other hand, one of the kidneys, but also a disturbance in the energy flow of the liver.

Important here is in any case diet that strengthens the center – (Please read the chapters „The way of food“, „Warm breakfast“ and „Lose weight with TCM“), however, you must omit all spices that make heat.

Because your energetic imbalance is caused by too much heat (from food, lifestyle, etc).) arose. A prolonged exposure to emotions (anger, resentment, stress, emotional distress) can also create internal heat.

Alcohol is another factor and too much salt over the years may also do its job. (More info in the chapter „Eye Problems“.)

Coffee, hot and warm spices, alcohol, salt, hot spices and foods – especially garlic!, But also bitter foods, z.B. Teas, coffee…

Rest more often, relax in between, go to the countryside, move (in moderation) more. Cultivate doing nothing – get advice and action from professionals…

Cooked, steamed food, z.B. long cooked stews – all eaten warm to the mouth. compotes, steamed vegetables with a little vinegar or lemon juice.

Ideal foods are also here root vegetables (carrots, fennel, potatoes…), spinach, celery, dandelion salad, grapes, pears, apples, raisins, rice, millet, wheat, spelt. In most cases, a meat abstinence of six weeks has also proven to be beneficial!

Recipe of the month:

Vegetable risotto:
Rice something anroast and with water on the stove set, small cut onion in addition – to the simmer bring. In the meantime, chop and add fennel, zucchini, red bell pepper and carrots (or other vegetables in season).

Season as needed – salt, parsley, some rose paprika – for low blood pressure, some ginger and/or cardamom can also be added here.