Reduce high blood pressure (hypertension) concomitantly in a natural way

Treat high blood pressure naturally

Many people around the world struggle with high blood pressure (hypertension). Those affected, who know about their illness and are therefore treated by a doctor, usually take blood pressure medication.

Reduce high blood pressure naturally

In numerous cases, however, the values can also be lowered in a natural way. Sometimes the success here is so great that hypertension patients no longer need to take any antihypertensive medication at all.

Naturally it applies nevertheless not simply to discontinue the past medicaments or to lower the prescribed dose. These measures should always take place with consultation of a physician, if the patient would like to try its high blood pressure naturally into the grasp to get.

Too high blood pressure levels increase the risk of stroke, heart attack and numerous other cardiovascular diseases. Nevertheless, hypertension can also be treated naturally.

High blood pressure and naturopathy is therefore a topic that many people are interested in, because prescribed antihypertensives in many cases also bring side effects with them.

Exercise or. lower blood pressure levels with exercise or sport

With the help of a well thought-out sport program the blood pressure can be lowered. A reduction of the values by about 5 to 10 mmHg is not uncommon. Depending on the disposition, the effect differs from person to person.

Furthermore it plays an important role which kind of sport comes to the employment. Also the training extent is not insignificant here.

Above all sports, which bring along a moderate perseverance load, like walking, jogging, swimming, walking or cycling show effect with too high blood pressure values.

Lowering blood pressure with herbs instead of salt

Many people suffer from high blood pressure because they consume too much salt. Those who add little or no salt to their diet can lower their blood pressure levels.

It is sufficient to reduce the daily salt intake to less than six grams. On average, people consume about 10 to 15 grams of salt per day.

There are even people who consume up to 30 grams of salt a day. High blood pressure patients who season their food mainly with herbs and therefore avoid salt can naturally lower their blood pressure levels.

The body weight can promote high blood pressure

Many people who suffer from high blood pressure are also overweight. With the normalization of the body weight therefore likewise the blood pressure can be lowered. Thus it is always meaningful as an overweight person to strive for a weight reduction.

With a balanced, healthy diet and sport, not only can body weight be reduced, but high blood pressure levels can also be lowered. In addition, weight loss also brings more joie de vivre.

Improve stress management to lower blood pressure levels

Certain forms of stress cause blood pressure to skyrocket, which in turn increases the risk of heart disease. Accordingly, it makes sense to provide for a stress reduction or. to prevent it from developing in the first place.

Sport can also help here, or relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation and the like. Who arranges its everyday life more stress-free, can assume that it lowers its too high blood pressure.

Alcohol in moderation lowers blood pressure

Above a certain amount of alcohol, blood pressure skyrockets. For this reason, men are advised not to consume more than 20 grams of alcohol per day. This corresponds to about a 250 ml glass of wine. The female sex, on the other hand, should not enjoy more than ten milligrams of alcohol daily.

Women not only have a lower body weight, but also break down alcohol more slowly, so ladies should only have half a glass of wine a day. If you cut down on your alcohol consumption or. completely abstains from alcohol consumption has been shown to lower blood pressure.

Conclusion: Who suffers from high blood pressure, can also ensure in a natural way that this is lowered. With endurance sports, a low-salt diet, a stress-free daily routine, alcohol in moderation and weight reduction in case of overweight, blood pressure values that are too high can be lowered.

However, hypertension patients should not simply skip their antihypertensive medication or lower the dose on their own. It is always necessary to ask the attending physician in advance whether a natural blood pressure lowering is possible.