Purification – for many people a regular process

Purification and intestinal cleansing

Not only to the Lent time many humans decide to grant their body something „recovery“ to do without usually very greasy food, alcohol and nicotine and to Entschlacken. Purification of the body becomes a regular procedure for many people to rid the body of harmful substances and unnecessary ballasts.

In the first phase of the detoxification you change your diet to foods with high mineral content – generally also called alkaline diet. This is to have the consequence that the body – by unhealthy nutrition – not overacidifies and forms further slag. Many people rely on herbal teas, many vegetables and fresh juices for this purpose.

After about four weeks the waste products begin to dissolve, to support the process can drink certain teas and kombucha or do light exercise. In order to flush the slag out of the body, alkaline baths and continuing to drink many herbal teas are recommended. The alkaline diet should be continued – ideally beyond the purge.

Purification – Must be a colon cleanse?

Many fasting cures or purges are associated with intestinal cleansing, which is not necessarily pleasant for everyone. An intestinal cleansing supports the liberation of the body from harmful substances and waste products. It is important, however, that this procedure is carried out carefully, so that there is no overstimulation of the intestines or other side effects.

There are different methods to clean the intestine: In conventional medicine, colonics are primarily used in preparation for colonoscopy or intestinal surgery; in naturopathy, other methods can also be used. Often for example chamfering cures with olive oil, welfare earth or bear garlic are supplemented.

Quite different products for intestinal cleansing and purification can be taken supportively. Especially when food intake is on the back burner, it is important to take in minerals, trace elements and vitamins through other means.

It is therefore not uncommon to turn to proven dietary supplements or products that support healthy detoxification – especially various herbal teas and vitamin powders.

The positive side effects of a purification cure

Our organism needs the cleaning of deposited slags and toxins just as urgently as the supply of good food. A detoxification is thus essential for real health and vitality. After a purification cure, you usually feel lighter, more alive, more energetic than before. Of course, such a cure can also be used for weight reduction.