Perfect for body and soul a vacation on the beaches of Denmark

Find yourself again in the nature of Denmark

Our small, northern neighbor country Denmark has a lot to offer for nature lovers. The country’s beaches, with the gentle, salty breezes of the North and Baltic Seas, are perfect for getting back to yourself completely. Hikes and bike rides through Denmark give you the power back for everyday life.

Breathe deeply, because Denmark is simply magical!

Over 7000 kilometers of coastline in Denmark magically attract vacationers. But in contrast to the crowded coasts of the Mediterranean, you are often all alone on Denmark’s beaches.

Even in the high season, visitors get lost along the long coastline. What is better for health than a walk along the beaches, blown by the fresh breeze of the North Sea?

Take a deep breath, let the healthy sea air reach the farthest corners of your lungs and enjoy the country’s long sandy beaches.

Vejers Strand near the city of Esbjerg on the North Sea coast of Denmark is a particularly good destination for nature lovers. Between forests and the coast you can relax as well as walk along the long beach and dunes.

In the forests right next to the beach, deer can also be easily observed.

Enjoy Denmark’s islands

Around the Jutland peninsula and in the Baltic Sea are over 1000 islands, 74 of which are inhabited. The islands of the Danish Wadden Sea Rømø, Fanø and Mandø are particularly easy to reach from Germany.

The long beach on the west coast of Rømø is a perfect destination for visitors who enjoy mudflat walks and want to do something good for their health in the process. The beach between Havsand and Juvre Sand, which is about four kilometers wide, is considered the widest beach in Northern Europe.

If you are interested in nature, you have the opportunity to see stuffed seals and amber found here at the Tønnisgård Nature Center. The nature center also organizes mudflat walks and guided tours of the island’s bunkers, which were built during World War II.

Fanø is located just outside the town of Esbjerg and forms the northern end of the Danish Wadden Sea. Here nature lovers have especially in spring and autumn numerous birds on their way to the south and back to the north to observe.

At the artificial lake Sønderhosø, which was built in the dunes of the island, countless native and migratory birds gather to rest here. The island’s birdlife can best be observed from the bird watching station set up here.

The Wadden Sea islands Fanø and Rømø have many comfortably furnished vacation homes, from which the unique nature of the Danish Wadden Sea can be explored particularly well.

Cycling and hiking vacations in Denmark

If you want to do your health a very special favor, you can actively explore Denmark. For both hikers and cyclists, the flat land with its countless islands offers perfect conditions for their hobby.

From Padborg on the German border to Viborg in the north of Jutland, for example, runs the approximately 280 kilometer long long-distance hiking trail „Heerweg“. This long-distance hiking trail offers everything a hiker’s heart desires: open landscapes, heath, coast and forests.

Pleasantly hilly and well developed paths make a long distance hike a special experience for body and soul. There are many cottages and other accommodation facilities along the way.

A tasty beer or a delicious dish like „Boller i karry“, in curry sauce pickled meatballs with rice and salad, round off a day hike on the Heerweg well.

Incidentally, along the Heerweg also runs a bicycle path, on which the whole of Jutland can be crossed in just a few days.

Look forward already to your active and relaxing vacation in Denmark. Visit our small neighboring country and do something good for your health!