Why almond flour is valuable for health

Why almond flour is valuable for health?

Almond flour has a high fat content and is a perfect alternative to wheat flour. The gently milled flour is made exclusively from the finest almonds. Almond flour is used in baking and cooking and is very valuable for health.

The advantages of almond meal

An advantage of almond flour is that dough and baked goods get excellent swelling properties. In addition, the flour compared to industrially produced cereal flour for type 2 diabetics is an enrichment. The beloved rolls and pastries can still be eaten without the blood sugar level rising rapidly.

Further advantages of the gluten-free almond flour are, that it has a clearly smaller portion at coal hydrates than a conventional flour. The flour contains a high proportion of vitamins and trace elements. Vegans and vegetarians benefit from it as it has a high protein content.

Three good reasons to buy almond flour:

1) Gluten free

It offers a good alternative for celiac disease. People who do not tolerate gluten may consume baked goods with gluten-free almond flour without putting your health at risk.

2) Low Carb

This flour contains little carbohydrates and is an integral part of many diet plans. One hundred grams contain 48 grams of protein. A steak has only half of these proteins. It is now standard in low carb cooking because it fills you up and you still lose weight.

3) Almond flour contains important nutrients

Unlike wheat flour, almond flour contains significantly more nutrients. The particularly aromatic tasting almond flour contains 20 x more magnesium and 50 x more calcium than wheat flour. Almond flour is very healthy. For more benefits, great deals, and delicious recipes, check out the almond flour guidebook.de.

The positive health effects of almonds

Almonds contain magnesium. They transmit nerve impulses so that nerves and muscles can work. Diabetics in particular can reduce their daily intake of carbohydrates by 30% with the use of almond flour.

The fiber-rich almonds provide for a healthy intestinal flora, the high portion of proteins makes full and the fat portion restrains the appetite. For this reason, almonds are a very good snack for in-between meals, to avoid cravings.

The vitamin E contained in almonds can act as an antioxidant and ward off free radicals. Almonds can lower cholesterol and make strong against a heart attack or stroke.

Effect of almond flour on health and well-being

Low-sugar almond flour is a gluten-free nut flour, which is the first choice for people with celiac disease and those prone to obesity. The high quality flour can be used for a wide variety of dishes. The low-carbohydrate flour can even provide a varied and satisfying diet plan for diabetics.

Also vegans love the almond flour, which is a first-class protein supplier. Almond flour is very valuable for health. It can improve the oxygen supply of the organism thanks to the many minerals, as well as lower blood pressure and stimulate the metabolism.

Almond flour can serve well in:

  • Osteoporosis,
  • Nervousness,
  • Allergic reactions,
  • Migraine,
  • Sleep disorders,
  • Problems with the cardiovascular system,
  • Cancer,
  • Coronary heart disease,
  • Blood formation disorders,
  • In pregnancy to support the organism.

Interesting facts about almond flour

Almond flour has a low glycemic index. It can make blood sugar levels rise slowly and fall just as slowly. This is why it is so valuable for diabetics and essential in today’s diets.

The flour from almonds contains a lot of iron and can ensure that the oxygen transport via the red blood cells, as well as the storage of oxygen function smoothly.

People with high blood pressure can benefit from including almond flour in their diet. The contained nutrient potassium can boost fat burning and lower blood pressure.

An optimal supply of magnesium can be ensured with the consumption of almond flour. Magnesium can reduce migraine attacks and be preventive against strokes and cardiac arrhythmias. The many vitamins contained in the flour increase the well-being and strengthen the health.

The flour can strengthen the bones and teeth. Thanks to its high calcium content, it can act as an excellent preventive against osteoporosis and positively for allergies. Especially darker almond flour contains a lot of fiber and can additionally support digestion.

According to the source, studies show that the regular use of almond flour improves bad cholesterol levels over time. In the long run, the high and antioxidant fiber content has a positive effect on dietary intake.

Almond meal also strengthens bone density. A test group ate about sixty grams of almonds a day, and scientists found that eating almonds reduced the formation of bone-degrading cells by twenty percent.

In other test subjects who did not consume almonds during the same period, the scientists did not observe any decrease in TRAP activity, i.e. no improvement in bone density values.

Another study recorded a clear improvement in the blood values of the test persons due to a food intake rich in almonds. The people tested all suffered from high blood pressure. This could be reduced by eleven percent thanks to the consumption of almonds. Almonds, which have a probiotic effect, can ensure a balanced intestinal flora.

No matter whether pizza, cake or rolls are prepared with almond flour, it is an enrichment for health. The tasty flour has many positive effects on health and is very well tolerated.

Whether diabetics, overweight people or people suffering from celiac disease or high blood pressure, the flour made from almonds makes a valuable contribution to health and should be on every menu.