Working at the computer for long periods of time – Can this damage our eyes

Can long work at the computer damage the eyes?

Working at the computer for long periods of time ruins your eyes – this is a claim that almost everyone has probably heard at some time or another. But is this really the truth or just a myth?

We take a look at the background to this statement and show you what effects working at the computer for long periods can really have on your eyes and how you can best protect your eyes while working at the computer.

Screen work strains the eyes

People who work at computer screens automatically blink less – this in turn leads to dry eyes. The well-known feeling of “tired eyes” after long periods of computer work can also be traced back to this.

On average, it is even the case that our blinking is reduced by half while working at a computer screen. Eye pain and other symptoms can therefore often be traced back to computer work.

In addition to painful and tired eyes, working too long at the monitor can also lead to watery or red eyes, increased sensitivity to light and a foreign body sensation in the eye.

Late effects are not excluded

Although the late effects have not been fully researched, one thing is now certain: staring at screens for long periods of time, especially laptops and smartphones, can also be harmful to our eyes in the long run and lead to nearsightedness.

Unfortunately, this is not merely accompanied by the wearing of glasses or contact lenses, which can now be worn comfortably and easily.

Instead, myopia can unfortunately lead to more serious eye diseases such as glaucoma or glaucoma in the long run.

Working at a computer screen for long periods of time cannot be avoided in today’s world. Office jobs in particular often involve working at a computer for eight hours a day.

The good news, however, is that with the right tips and methods, you can significantly reduce the harmful effects of VDU work.

How to protect your eyes

Make sure to blink regularly and consciously when working at the PC to keep your eyes moist.

Also, take regular breaks from the screen and keep fixing your eyes on distant points in the room or outside as you work.

It is also important to keep the right distance to the screen – between 45 and 80 cm between eyes and monitor is optimal.

Also, avoid glare and reflections and make sure you have good lighting conditions.

While working at a computer screen for long periods of time can take a toll on our eyes, with the right methods you can take care to protect your health and your eyes as best as possible.