Low Fat as nutrition trend – lose and hold weight

Low Fat as a nutrition trend

It is undisputed that on average, we all frequently eat the wrong food. Hectic everyday life and little time are often the problem and already it happens. We eat something on the side in a hurry.

Often it is not the healthiest snack, but high-fat food. But many people have recently realized that it can not go on like this and are already changing their diet.

Fight the pounds with low fat

More and more people who want to lose weight and keep it off no longer rely on a temporary, classic diet, but on a change of diet or a low fat diet. With many humans there the trend shows up, which goes to a low-fat nutrition, with Low Fat the Pounds the fight is to be announced.

What is the principle of Low Fat and how does it actually work??

The principle of the low fat diet trend is actually quite simple. You don’t really have to follow anything except for a solid dose of discipline.

Every person has an average recommended daily requirement of fats, which he or she should consume in the form of animal and vegetable products. If you regularly exceed this amount, you will eventually gain weight. Not only that, it also increases the risk of getting sick. However it is an easy one to limit the fat supply consciously. This is where the low fat diets or the diet based on them come into play.

Different fat intake amounts with low fat

There are different approaches to this nutrition trend. The figures given here in the example should be taken as a rough guide:

  • On average, it is recommended to reduce the fat intake to about 30 to 60 grams of fat per day. In most cases, a moderately increased intake of carbohydrates is allowed in return.
  • While a gram of fat contains about 9 kcal, carbohydrates and proteins have only 4 calories.
  • In reverse conclusion this means for you: If you take only few fats to itself, you can supply for it more proteins and coal hydrates. You will still be able to notice a solid effect on your weight.

There are also other approaches to the low fat diet trend. With these, the fat intake is even much more restricted. If before the diet you consumed more than 100% fat of your recommended daily allowance, then in this case you will reduce it by a whole 90% and thus to only 10%. This is then a very strict and consistent form of this diet.

This can be very hard and should also not be done without medical consultation, because the body must compensate for the severe loss of energy. Also this process should never cover a long-term period, because otherwise also this method would be unhealthy. And finally, it’s about eating healthier and doing something good for your body as a whole.

The nutrition trend was recognized by gastronomes

The increasing trend of Low Fat did not remain undiscovered also before the eyes of the Gastronomen. Thus it came particularly in the last months that ever more restaurant owners and canteen operators deal with it. In the meantime, a low-fat diet is even desired by many companies and is implemented in some canteens as a matter of course.

In the restaurant business, more and more locations are also offering a menu designed for this trend. Also, there are already restaurants or even food blogs that commit exclusively to it. On my guide for bloggers I present different methods to become successful with your own food blog. No matter what trend is followed with it.