Acupuncture – How it can relieve pain and suffering

How acupuncture can relieve pain and suffering

Classical acupuncture is used more than ever in today’s medicine and in different treatment methods. Whether as an accompanying measure or as a stand-alone treatment.

What was laughed at in this country and especially in Europe a few decades ago, is nowadays highly recognized even by orthodox medicine and is regarded as a proven means of resorting to conservative and natural treatments for various diseases.

The Chinese, however, were the first to use this method of treatment by means of the classical acupuncture needles and the targeted insertion of certain trigger points on the human body, to treat themselves or have themselves treated in this way.

They understood to be able to use the needles very precisely in such a way that they trigger stimulating impulses at certain points, which in turn can lead to the triggering of various secretions and reactions and can finally provide relief.

Meridians, trigger points and Qi

the acupuncture needles are placed as already mentioned at the beginning at very special acupuncture places of the body purposefully. These points have been calculated and positioned from Chinese natural medicine over thousands of years. The points themselves are located on so-called pathways of the body, the meridians.

They are channels on which, according to Chinese methodology, the Qi, the life energy according to Chinese philosophy, moves and flows. If the pathways are blocked and disturbed, diseases and physical ailments or complaints arise. The flow is obstructed, so the life energy is no longer in balance.

Most acupuncture points are located directly and unmediated on the various pathways of our body. The so-called trigger points are usually located next to or directly on the meridians and this usually hurts a lot and is associated with significant pain. To be able to perform acupuncture in such a targeted way in order to achieve the desired relief process requires some training, expertise and experience in this field.

The knowledge of all the meridians of the human body, what they do, what they stand for or which organs and systems in the body and what effect they have, a science in itself. The Heilpraxis Aureus in Oldenburg, for example, follows these methods of natural healing and especially acupuncture with a high degree of know-how for many different areas and applications for a wide variety of diseases and ailments.

How acupuncture works

The stimulating stimulus triggered by the acupuncture needle is basically the key to successful treatment. Because if this is not hit exactly, it is missed and the needle does not sit where it can achieve its effect. As soon as the stimulus is placed, however, the brain releases pain-relieving substances and messenger substances through these stimulus impulses.

This also includes so-called happiness hormones, such as serotonin, the body’s own morphines, such as endorphin, and finally grandphalins. On the basis of various studies on the effect of acupuncture needles at these points, magnetic resonance imaging was used to visualize the reactions and the clear activities of the brain thereupon.

Thus, acupuncture, which actually belongs to the natural healing methods and treatments, entered the conventional medical treatment of various diseases and had a great influence on diagnostics and healing methods. For example, especially in the case of allergic diseases such as hay fever and Co., as an accompanying measure to alleviate the suffering, acupuncture treatments not infrequently included in the treatment party.

Acupuncture is also said to have had a particularly positive effect on migraines and to have alleviated the suffering. In the case of tension of any kind, of the entire organism, the musculature and the tendon and ligament apparatus, acupuncture is common practice even among athletes in the competitive sports segment.

Many sports physicians often use acupuncture treatment for various illnesses of athletes as an accompanying therapy to conventional medical treatment and often place more trust in this method than, for example, in homeopathic approaches.

This is how the treatment works

The acupuncture needles are placed by the specialist very specifically at the important and decisive acupuncture points. They are placed slightly in rotation on the points and remain there for about 20 minutes. Only when the musculature has loosened there, the needles can be easily pulled out. Removing the needles too soon would basically miss any effect.

As an accompanying measure to conventional treatment methods in medicine, acupuncture has proven very successful, especially in recent decades in Europe. What the Chinese appreciated so much about this method of healing and alleviating a number of ailments seems to have arrived in this country and is gaining in popularity and recognition. Even among medical professionals.

By the way, the human Qi can also get out of balance due to eating disorders, wrong nutrition, stress, too much cold, heat or also psychological factors. The blockages can be solved finally only if also the reason for these can be recognized and stopped.

For example, if you load too much stress on your shoulders in everyday life, you don’t have to be surprised if your body basically just gives out sooner or later.