CyberBeauty Balancing – the natural anti-stress therapy

CyberBeauty: Balancing – the natural anti-stress therapy

It is the largest enemy of our health: Stress – the people’s suffering no. 1. Stress is part of life and is actually a sensible thing to do. Even our ancestors reacted under stress in exactly the same way as we do today when threatened by a saber-toothed tiger. Stress in this case was a life preserver: because in the event of danger, an attack or. The brain activates the escape mechanism, which makes the body particularly efficient. The senses are sharpened, one is more creative, can think and act faster. The body runs at full speed and is better able to cope with the danger. Only that today the saber-toothed tiger z.B. rather the boss is – and before that one cannot take flight so simply.

Permanent stress makes ill

When the body is running at full speed under stress, then a lot of messenger substances such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol are released. If now these materials are not diminished by an appropriate reaction again, then a regular pressure builds up. Especially the stress hormone cortisol can do a lot of mischief in this case. It reduces the effect of insulin with the result that the pancreas produces more insulin with its last ounce of strength until it is exhausted. The risk of diabetes increases. In the brain cortisol inhibits the memory cells, which leads noticeably to a reduction in performance. In addition, the immune system is weakened, whereby pathogens can checkmate the body. Or literally hits the stomach.

5 TOP stress blockers

There are a number of natural stress blockers from natural medicine that helpfully reduce the negative effects of stress on the brain:

1. Magnesium: The mineral is the stress blocker no. 1. It activates more than 300 enzymes, dilates the blood vessels and organizes the oxygen supply to the nerve cells. Effective daily dose: 400-600 mg.

2. Vitamin C: As little as 400 mg of vitamin C effectively reduces the release of stress hormones such as z.B. Cortisol. It is best to eat plenty of vitamin C-rich fruit throughout the day.

3. Melissa: Its essential oils work directly in the limbic system to provide blissful relaxation. 3 TL Melissengeist distributed over the day are enough for the positive effect.

4. Ginkgo: During stress, free radicals are increasingly formed, which damage the cells. Ginkgo tablets help keep these aggressive molecules in check.

5. Lavender: Aroma therapy at its best. Put a few drops in the aroma lamp and relax. Stress symptoms diminish significantly after only 10 minutes.

Additional information and many more wellness tips can be found in the book CyberBeauty.

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