Anti Aging the gentle way – Holistic alternatives to the scalpel

Anti Aging the gentle way

Anti Aging means a delay of aging or also a healthy and active aging. In the 1990s, however, the term anti aging was interpreted quite differently: it was not about delaying aging, but about reversing it. Eternal youth and a young appearance were the goal.

The price for it was high: it was lifted, tightened and gotoxt, which often led to disfigured faces, which had hardly any resemblance to the actual person.

Beyond that innumerable means and preparations were advertised, which promised an eternal youth. In this way, the term anti aging has a dubious connotation to this day.

Anti aging the gentle way – alternatives to the scalpel

But fortunately the topic anti- Aging developed further and experiences today straight a Renaissance. Based on scientific research and studies, today more than ever, holistic approaches are recommended and the focus is on active and satisfied aging.

“Prevention is the keyword. If you take moderate care of yourself in good time, you have a good chance of still being healthy and agile in old age,” says Dr. Jan customer of the anti- Aging magazine.

With thread and arc instead of scalpel

In the past, a lift involved making an incision, pulling the skin taut, cutting off excess skin, and then stitching the skin in place.

This procedure has all the risks of a “real” surgery (wound infection, anesthesia) and the result is not reversible. It is not surprising that new techniques such as thread lifting are currently in the fast lane.

In this type of lifting, a thread with numerous barbs is pushed under the skin. Through careful pulling, the effect is immediately visible – drooping corners of the mouth or eyebrows are lifted.

In the following time, the polylactic acid threads gradually dissolve, and at the same time collagen tissue forms around these foreign bodies, which has an upholstering effect. The whole thing within a few minutes under local anesthesia.

The most common cosmetic surgery in Germany is eyelid lift (blepharoplasty). In most cases, a strip of skin is surgically removed for this purpose as well.

But recently there is a procedure in which a plasma is produced in an electric arc, with which the skin is vaporized with pinpoint accuracy.

Firstly, the amount of skin is reduced and secondly, the skin tightens due to the microfine scar tissue – the method is often referred to as gentle surgery – soft surgery.

Botox with emphasis

The disfigured faces after Botox injections of earlier times are fortunately over. The reason is a significantly reduced amount of active ingredient and also a finer application.

The latest trend is to work a Botox gel into the skin by means of a high-pressure air stream. Botox and other active ingredients, such as vitamins, are said to penetrate the skin up to 4mm deep. The result is very even and much less noticeable.

With ice and radio waves against the problem zones

The majority of women have saddlebags and cellulite, but advertising suggests that the skin should be smooth and firm, without dimples.

Natural fat deposits, such as the riding breeches also do not correspond to the common beauty ideal and therefore a lot of money is spent on creams or even invasive methods – liposuction –.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure, after which compression garments must be worn for a longer period of time, and of course there is a risk of infection and often even general anesthesia is necessary.

Cryolipolysis is a new method – the fatty tissue is cooled down to -6 °C, which causes the fat cells to die.

New devices combine cryolipolysis with low frequency ultrasound (cavitation). The sound waves cause the fat cells to burst and the released fat leaves the tissues through the lymphatic drainage channels and is broken down.

In short – the time of invasive and often disfiguring anti-aging methods is fortunately over. Today, non-invasive and gentle methods are preferred.

Different approaches are often combined, so that a natural and radiant appearance is achieved quite gently.