Showering for climate protection with Bubble Rain technology

Showering with the Bubble Rain technology

Whether in the morning or after work – soothing shower is a pleasure. It awakens the life spirits, washes down tiredness and stress simply in such a way. But is it also a pleasure without remorse?

Not quite, because the warm shower bath costs not only water and energy; it is produced with its heating also CO2.

And not a little: to heat the water for a five-minute shower pleasure to the usual 37 ° C, ca. 0.6 liters of fuel oil burned. This produces 1.8 kilograms of CO2.

Extrapolated to a year, this is already well over a ton in a two-person household, and even more than two tons for families with several members.

But when only six liters of hot water flow out of the shower instead of the usual 16-18 liters per minute, the conscience can calm down again. Two-thirds hot water savings also mean two-thirds less CO2.

In five minutes, just 600 grams are then produced – over a kilogram less than usual. At present, it is still the small manufacturers who offer shower heads in the „6-liter class“.

With sophisticated technology, the small amount of water is treated so that the pleasure of showering is fully preserved. This is where the Bubble Rain technology is usually used, which creates large, air-filled water bubbles from small drops of water.

This is not only economical, but also very beneficial, because this Bubble Rain shower jet is pleasantly soft and has a full jet volume.

Environmentally friendly showering with Bubble Rain shower heads

If a family of three showers with such a 6-liter showerhead, they save the environment more CO2 every day than a modern VW Golf produces on the round trip to the workplace ten kilometers away.

In Germany alone, this could reduce annual CO2 emissions by several million tons. If you shower in this environmentally conscious and climate-friendly way, you will be rewarded with a lot of money.

Around 200 EUR saves the average showerer in water and energy costs per year – tendency rising. So an environmental awareness that really pays off!