Feng-Shui in the bedroom Sleep well when the Chi flows

Feng Shui in the bedroom: sleep well when the Chi flows

Good sleep is essential for well-being: Who sleeps well, recovers faster from the day. The quality of sleep depends on various factors
Factors from.

Thus, the environment also plays an important role: feng shui is a holistic approach that can be used to transform the entire home, but also just the bedroom, into a haven of tranquility.

Holistic harmony teaching: what does Feng Shui stand for?

Feng Shui (“wind and water”) describes a harmony theory, which deals with the harmony of body and soul. The principle comes from China and represents the goal of bringing people closer to their environment.

The effect of the elements that surround the person plays an important role here. Thus, the energy (the “chi”) should not be blocked as much as possible. If living spaces are subject to a certain concept, the chi can flow freely.

Feng Shui in the bedroom – this is important

The bedroom, a room with a simple structure by nature, is particularly well suited for feng shui beginners. Special attention is paid to the bagua, an important instrument of Feng Shui.

This is the principle of arranging the entire home, as well as individual rooms, according to a certain pattern. The goal is again the unbroken energetic flow.

The bedroom is one of the Ying rooms, which serve the purpose of relaxation. The room is considered a place of retreat and should therefore be free from disturbing influences. In contrast to this are the yang rooms (the living area) consisting of the living room and kitchen, where the active life takes place.

A crucial rule for the feng shui principle is the correct location of the bedroom. It should be oriented to the west and to the garden. It is also favorable if the room is located far away from the entrance area and the associated commotion.

An upper floor and a room that does not directly border “active places” would be ideal. Those who have little influence on the alignment of rooms can implement feng shui even within their own bedroom. Here the bed plays an important role.

The bed and its position – more harmony thanks to spatial theory

According to feng shui, too much furniture disturbs the energetic flow in the bedroom. Therefore, not only the position, but also the type of bed is crucial. the sleeping place should not be under a slope if possible.

In addition, feng shui teachings dictate that the foot end should not face the center of the room or directly in the direction of the door. This is to achieve a formal separation between active and relaxation zones.

Large ecological family bed

The position of the bed in the room

These points also contribute to the fact that the bedroom remains a place of rest and is not too occupied by the active everyday life:

  • the bed is not placed between two windows,
  • the sun’s rays do not reach the bed directly,
  • the bed is accessible from both sides,
  • Mirrors should not be placed exactly opposite the bed.

In addition, it is important not to position the bed near water pipes or heating pipes. According to Feng Shui, the bed is placed against a solid wall, which gives the sleeper security and safety.

Bedroom furniture made of natural wood: what kind of bed it should be?

When choosing a bed, you should also avoid a waterbed and a metal frame, as these currents can irritate and block the Chi. Bedroom furniture made of natural wood supports the Chi, as it is on the side of the Yin and provides for calmness.

Other decorative items made of natural materials as well as plants can also be positive elements in the sleeping area, which are compatible with the spatial concept of the feng shui principle. But here applies: less is more.

Even more Feng Shui in the bedroom: This is how it works

Even small changes have a big effect: with these tips, feng shui can be easily implemented in the bedroom.

1. Banish electronics

Electrical devices such as smartphones, televisions and chargers disturb the harmony in the bedroom. A good reason to banish them from the room. According to Feng Shui teachings, electrical outlets also have an influence on the flow of energy and should therefore be located as far away from the bed as possible.

2. Puristic furnishing and order

With Feng Shui applies: Less is more. The more puristic the bedroom area is furnished and decorated, the less distracted the person will be. Consequently, sleep is also more restful. In addition, it is important to keep the bedroom tidy. An untidy room robs chi.

3. The right lighting concept

The natural light is a clear symbol of the life energy Chi in the Feng Shui principle and should be used wisely in the room. The bedroom is a quiet zone, for which a dark design is more suitable. During the day, the natural light of the sun can be used, while in the evening a light source with low luminosity and warm color temperature is recommended.

4. Soft colors and round shapes

In a harmonious bedroom fit soft colors. For walls and furniture, for example, light pastel or earthy colors are suitable. In the furniture as well as decorative items and plants, the feng shui philosophy also relies on round shapes. According to harmony theory, they bring energy to the occupant, as the chi can flow unhindered along the lines.

Conclusion: Feel good and sleep well thanks to Feng Shui

The world seems to turn faster and faster. One reason why restful sleep is becoming increasingly important. A tidy and structured bedroom lays the foundation for a good quality of sleep. This is where Feng Shui comes in.

Chinese harmonics aims not to distract or disturb the energetic flow in the living space. In addition to the location of the bedroom, according to Feng-Shi, the design of the room as well as the choice of the bed has an influence on the Chi.

Even small things can have a big effect here: Whether it’s smartphone detox in bed or dimmed lighting: feng shui can be implemented in individual ways and thus tried out step by step.