Original black cumin oil from Dr. Ehrlichs, a proven remedy

Black cumin oil, a proven remedy

Black seed oil was also called a panacea by Charlemagne, who considered its importation into the Occident a great gift. That is it also, because black cumin is particularly valuable for humans and animals in many respects. The buttercup plant of the Ranunculaceae family is also considered the coveted “gold of the pharaohs,” especially the pharaoh Tutankhamen.

“Black cumin cures every disease except death”, of this the Prophet Mohammed was already convinced about 1500 years ago. From this it can be deduced that black cumin was used not only today, but already in the earlier Arab culture. It was also mentioned in the Old Testament as a spice for bread and cakes.

Black cumin oil – The all-rounder from the Arabian desert

The list of beneficial properties of black cumin oil is long and varied. The unsaturated fatty acids contained in the concentrated black cumin oil of Dr. Ehrlich can regulate cornification, increase the flexibility of the cell membrane and support metabolic processes.

The essential oils can have anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and mild antibacterial effects. Only 20 grams of black cumin oil cover the daily requirement of linoleic acid to maintain normal cholesterol levels.

Black cumin oil can also have analgesic, anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory effects – and not only for humans. Dr. Ehrlichs black cumin oil is possible as a food supplement for humans as well as for animals. It can not only alleviate the discomfort, but also prevent it.

Peppery to bitter taste

Black cumin is not related to the traditional cumin or cumin seed. It is known in this country mainly because it is often sprinkled on pita bread. Particularly characteristic are the peppery-pungent to bitter odor and taste of black cumin oil, which is sometimes also reminiscent of sesame seeds.

The black cumin oil from Dr. Honest is cold-pressed and therefore contains a high proportion of biologically active, polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is considered a natural home remedy, whose properties have already been proven.

Dr. Ehrlich – Tradition in the third generation: Natural remedies from the Allgäu region of Germany

For over 50 years, Dr. Honestly one of the leading specialists for joint health and vital muscles. The company clearly relies on the intact nature of the Allgäu and on its own laboratories, in which holistic natural remedies and natural care products are developed.

Traditional recipes, state-of-the-art technology and constant further development ensure products that have a positive influence on the well-being and health of many customers. Strictly certified according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guarantees Dr. Honestly an optimum of quality.