Fitness-Trends – New fitness-types for a holistic workout!

New fitness trends for a holistic workout!

In the past, there were really only two ways to work out: Either, one did endurance sports or strength sports. In the meantime there are many fitness trends which aim at a holistic training.

Weights are often not even used, because your own body weight can provide sufficient load with the right exercises.

We take a look at several fitness trends that are not only helpful in achieving physical goals, but are also really fun to do!

Finding the perfect balance

Every movement we perform is made possible by a complex interplay of muscles, tendons and joints.

Many things that were normal for our ancestors are difficult for us today – z.B. to grab things with the feet. One reason for this is our lack of coordination.

We can specifically counteract this with balance exercises. This is where z.B. the wahuboard balance board.

This wobble board, as one of the new fitness trends, can be used to perform numerous exercises that require you to keep your balance.

It’s a bit reminiscent of skateboarding. Beginners should perhaps generally try to get into balance first.

So standing on one leg, tipping your torso forward while bringing your other leg backward. Or if that’s too difficult, at least stand on one leg for a while.

The beauty of it is that you improve quickly with balance exercises. This is what makes this fitness trend so motivating.

HIIT: For those with little time

The abbreviation HIIT stands for the fitness trend “High Intensity Interval Training”. This refers to a very efficient workout that involves short intervals of exertion and even shorter rests.

With fitness equipment, such as z.B. an air bike, you really work off your energy and are ready to go after about a minute. 10 minutes with the whole workout already done.

Especially for people who have little time, this form of training is really good. However, it’s still important not to start your workout completely cold.

A small warm-up phase of 5 minutes should be planned and not directly started with full throttle.

Crossfit: Train all muscles in unison

The term Crossfit was coined and trademarked by a company, but nowadays it is a generic term for a certain type of fitness training.

This trend sport is primarily about training different muscle groups in interaction with each other.

Instead of just lifting weights or doing exercises that z.B. Strengthening only the leg muscles, Crossfit training is more versatile and is intended above all to help improve intermuscular coordination – i.e. the interplay of muscles.

Crossfit also focuses on gamification. At competitions you can collect points and compete with other athletes.

However, similar to the golf handicap, one is not evaluated on the basis of one’s absolute performance, but relative to one’s fitness level.

This also creates incentives for athletes who are new to the sport and do not want to be discouraged right away. In the end, everyone has only one goal: to surpass their own best performance again!

Then you climb up the virtual rankings and can even qualify for tournaments that pay out prize money – if that’s not an incentive?

First and foremost, it should be motivation enough to do something good for your own body.

Fitness gadgets can also be helpful in this regard, such as z.B. a fitness watch, its. This way you can track your activity and often also record your sleep patterns.

Those who value training with maximum precision cannot do without such a helper.