Animal communication – telepathy between humans and animals

Animal communication – Telepathy between humans and animals

Animal communication is also called animal telepathy. It is a way through which communication takes place between humans and animals. Because every animal owner stands sometime before the situation that he does not understand his animal simply any more. Be it the dog that suddenly only barks, the cat that no longer uses its toilet, or the horse that is suddenly afraid of everything.

There are many problems that can arise. Animals are nowadays already considered as family members. This makes it all the more important to live together in harmony. The telepathy is an old, well-known kind, which makes it possible.

Telepathy means “understanding at a distance. Our ancestors and also the current primitive people who still exist communicate in this way quite naturally. Here there is hardly another possibility far from technology.

We live here in a much more modern world and it has been practically trained away from us. This 6. Sense actually slumbers in each of us. But for many it is insignificant and they therefore do not bring it out again. My love has always been the animals, which is why it was my heart’s desire to give them a voice. I mediate between humans and animals.

Learning to understand the animal through animal communication

Through animal communication you can get to know and understand the point of view of your animal. Because sometimes the cause is quite different from the one we assume. Every animal expresses something differently.

The pet owner can have all questions asked to his darling by an animal communicator. I then conduct the telepathic communication and receive answers to all questions from the animal.

Afterwards the animal owner is then however also asked to improve something at the situation. Man and animal are close together, so it means both sides have to do something. With an animal communication alone a problem is not solved. One knows afterwards evenly which one must do, so that an improvement occurs.

Animal communication also does not replace a veterinarian, animal healer or dog school. It does not serve for education or diagnosis.
The animal communication works here however as mad addition! It can be used well supporting, or if the veterinarian does not yet clearly know the origin of the problem, a conversation can also help here to support the veterinarian and provide him with clues.

It is also possible to have animal communication with a deceased animal. Because the soul has always persisted. The animal leaves only its body. For many pet owners it is incredibly reassuring to be able to make contact after death. These conversations are somewhat healing, because you can get rid of all your questions.

The animals always transmit to their humans the feeling that everything is good and they should not be sad. For them it is simply a new stage. For us it is just so bad, because the physical proximity is simply missing.

The advantages of animal communication are clearly to be able to respond to the wishes and needs of the animal. To ask where a certain undesirable behavior comes from and how to improve it. Also it is possible to lead missing animals home.

I also accompany people with their animals on their last journey. Here it is important for most to hear what the animal wants.
And even after that I am still your contact person. Also with reunions the animal communication serves as meaningful support.

Limits of animal commnication

Now I would like to tell you where the limits of animal communication lie. An animal communication does not serve to force the animal to something. Every living creature has its own free will. Behavior patterns that have lasted for a long time also need a long time to dissolve. Especially if you have an animal from abroad, which has experienced a lot of bad things, it takes a lot of time and patience. Through the animal talk you learn to understand it and know what it needs to improve everyday life.

So as you can see, you can only benefit if you are open to wanting to understand your animal.