Measuring cholesterol levels if they are too high

Measuring cholesterol levels

Too high a cholesterol level can cause a stroke or heart attack. To reduce the risk, you should regularly measure your cholesterol level.

However, this does not only apply to those whose relatives have already suffered a heart attack or stroke. People with overweight, vascular diseases, high blood pressure, metabolic disorders or diabetes should also be careful.

Measuring cholesterol levels

Your family doctor has the appropriate measuring equipment. This device is used to measure high density lipoprotein (cholesterol) and low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL). LDL is the bad cholesterol in the body. So if a lot of harmful cholesterol can be detected in the blood, the deposits on the blood vessels multiply.

HDL, on the other hand, helps to break down cholesterol and neutralize it for the body. With a cholesterol test, your family doctor can record both values separately and thus make a comprehensive diagnosis of your health. However, you also have the option of performing a quick test at home in peace and quiet. This saves you waiting time at the doctor’s and you have the result in your hands within 5 minutes.

However, it is not possible to split the two values with every device. But you can get important clues via a quick test.

A balanced diet

A diet low in cholesterol and many activities in everyday life have above all a favorable effect on the cholesterol level. If you get enough exercise several times a week without really working out, you can consequently lower your cholesterol level.

If you have not done any intensive sport for a long time, take it slowly. Endurance sports such as Nordic walking swimming, cycling, hiking and cross-country skiing are particularly well suited to positively influence the cholesterol level.

What to look for when buying a cholesterol meter?

A cholesterol meter for home use is available in many different variants and price categories. In addition to measuring cholesterol, it is usually advisable to have the blood value determined at the same time. Good cholesterol meters can also measure uric acid, glucose, triglycerides and lactate.

Simple meters only measure total cholesterol levels and can be used for general guidance. Before buying, compare your personal requirements and the range of devices. Pay attention to the scope of delivery. As a blood carrier, lancets, test strips and tubes, including supplies should be available.

CHOL, LDL, HDL and TRIG) should be available as measurement ranges. The accuracy of a cholesterol meter is very important. The scale should be per deciliter or. millimoles per liter are available. A conversion aid must be available. Pay attention to the calibration or calibration according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Conclusion: Sufficient exercise and relaxation

In order to keep your cholesterol balance, it is very important to have a relaxed body and mind, in addition to a cholesterol-free diet. Constant stress has been shown to increase cholesterol levels. Many relaxation techniques such as yoga, autogenic training, special breathing exercises and regular relaxation periods restore the body’s strength and have a positive effect on cholesterol levels.

Consequently, it is important that you regularly go to your family doctor for a check-up. Even if you do not have any specific symptoms, it is advisable to take part in all preventive examinations. Your family doctor can detect all possible risk factors at an early stage during a check-up and treat them accordingly. He will also be able to give you tips on which sports are suitable for you.