Hair loss – causes, forms and how to stop it

Causes and forms of hair loss

Do you also suffer from hair loss? Are you showing small, round, bald patches on your head?

Is your hair getting thinner and thinner and do you have the impression that you will soon have no hair on your head at all?? You ask yourself: How can I stop this hair loss??

Hair loss can have a number of differentiated causes. The reasons can be explained very well by the different forms of hair loss.

In the following, three different forms of hair loss with the corresponding possible causes are briefly explained.

Forms of hair loss

The best known form of hair loss is the so-called „hereditary or hormonal hair loss“. In this case slight thinning appears.

One of the most famous thinning starts in men in the corners of the hairline, continues on the upper half of the head and ends at the back of the head.

In women, the course is somewhat different. In women, hair loss starts on the upper half of the head, attacks the receding hairline and stops at the back of the head.

The causes of hereditary or hormonal hair loss can be manifold. Among the first three possible causes are:

– Hereditary predisposition,
– Climacteric (menopause),
– Hormone disorders.

Since this form of hair loss is often a hormonal imbalance, it can and is treated with hormones.

Another form of hair loss is „diffuse hair loss“. This form of hair loss affects the entire scalp area in both men and women.

Affected persons lose an above-average amount of hair, d.h. more than 80-100 hairs a day.

In case of diffuse hair loss, there is a good hair bulb, but it suffers from nutrient deficiency (z.B. amino acids, vitamins of the B group).

These nutrient deficiencies can have various causes:

– Stress,
– Nutritional deficiencies/diet,
– after pregnancy,
– Severe infections, z.B. Flu,
– Certain metabolic disorders,
– Special form Seasonal hair loss.

This form of hair loss can be remedied by a supply of the missing nutrients. Should stress be the main cause, an avoidance of stress factors is advisable.

A third form of hair loss is „circular hair loss“ or „Alopecia Areata“. This form of hair loss is also independent of gender in its symptoms.

If this From is present, limited bald patches of varying size appear.

The causes of this form of hair loss are unfortunately unknown. Doctors believe that inflammatory diseases underlie this form of hair loss.

Consequently, this form of hair loss should be treated only by doctors and on the basis of extensive examinations.

In summary the three most common forms of hair loss are:

– the „circular hair loss“ or „Alopecia Areata“,
– the „diffuse hair loss“,
– the „hereditary or hormonal hair loss“.

Each of these forms has its own causes and can be treated. The method of treatment depends on the particular form.