Detoxify and eliminate heavy metals with GreenFood

Detoxify with GreenFood

If one does not mean the Amalgamentgiftung – to which Chlorella is best suited – are algae in my opinion only conditionally suitable for detoxification. And Afa algae certainly not. But maybe we should first agree on the concept of detoxification.

If the concept of detoxification is to have a more specific meaning, then it is a targeted action undertaken to eliminate certain toxins and harmful substances.

Here either the toxin solution or binding is put in the foreground. As a rule, one proceeds in such a way that one dissolves with the one means and binds with the other one and promotes the excretion. And then for the most different substances, the most different combinations are necessary.

The most general and yet very profound effect is sulfur, but it is better not to take it in its pure form. Another way of detoxification would be for example. concentrated anthocyanides and flavonoids.

Detoxify with fresh green

If detoxification is to be thought of as the support of the daily, natural and inevitable process of elimination, then Greenfood in all its variations is the best. Anything that has a high nutrient density along with a high amount of chlorophyll is suitable for this purpose.

And now it just depends on how comfortable and/or spendy you are. The cheapest, most effective and best are of course wild herbs, but also the most tedious to obtain. However, fresh leafy green is better.

Next in quality comes cereal grass – whereby the enzymatic ratios are found in the fresh, the mineral density rather in good dried grasses. Fresh is of course again more tedious – but as Anne Wigmore said: „Look at me – it is not worth it?“

The inexpensive algae Spirulina and Chlorella can be compared with dried grass tabs. Whereas I personally like grass much better, because I like to chew the things and have no desire for this fishy algae taste.

Besides, I prefer grasses that grow slowly over 200 days, rather than algae that are pushed and artificially nourished in a very short time. Possibly still in the tube system with artificial light, as it e.g. in Meckpomm for the production of algae is operated.

Again and again the question is asked about detoxification with algae

Afa algae are undoubtedly the best of the artificial nutrient suppliers but also the very most expensive. And therefore it would be madness to want to cover its Greenfoodanteil over it. If one wants to be comfortable with the tabs, one should reach for the inexpensive algae or grasses. And Klamath bluegreen algae are the icing on the cake.

They already have a very special effect, which for me is expressed in greater mental clarity. This sounds so meaningless and talked about, but I can’t put it any other way. In any case, it is still a special quality. However, one should not go below the daily dose of 2 grams.

When considering the general ability of the human body to detoxify, it quickly becomes apparent that it must function best when all organ systems are optimally supplied so that they can most efficiently run the mechanisms designed to do so.

There are always the two famous main reasons why we get sick: Ingested or metabolic toxins and nutrient deficiencies. In any case, if one wants to remain only on this material level.

The advantage of grasses and algae is that they have a high nutrient density, can be metabolized almost residue-free, i.e. they have a high bioavailability, and can therefore promote the natural elimination in the best possible way when feeding.

Unlike organic meat, no degradation products are produced during the metabolism of algae and grass proteins – purines, ammonia, uric acid. The nutrients supplied go quite predominantly into the structure.

And therefore: this should also be emphasized – and is indeed clear from many reports of experience – one acquires a certain sensitivity, which may well turn into too great sensitivity „bad“ foodstuffs opposite.

If the organs of detoxification are overindulged, they react rather muksch, if they are deprived of the usual luxury. There are always two sides to everything. In general, however, it is far predominantly necessary to promote its excretory capacities.

By the way: What mom used to say, “Eat your spinach, child!”, was already OK, but not because of the iron – and it is best to eat it raw! But that’s just as a tender raw food shocker to end on, *grin*.