Let bad habits go up in smoke

Turning bad habits into smoke

Every long-time smoker has often toyed with the idea of quitting smoking, has tried various means to fight his addiction, and has still often failed.

Principles of addiction

The purely physical addiction of the poison nicotine is only small. The perfidious thing about cigarettes is that their use is ritualized by the smoker, for example the cigarette after a meal, with coffee, etc. The cigarette gives certain situations a value that they would hardly attain without a cigarette. If the maximum two-day light nicotine withdrawal is overcome, the former smoker is mainly his own brain in the way. One’s own consciousness looks for the familiar rituals that give it a sense of security and comfort.

The e-cigarette as a transition

This is where the e-cigarette comes into play. Provided that the former smoker refrains from filling it with cartridges containing nicotine, the weaning can begin. By vaporization, steam is generated from a cartridge in the cigarette, which is offered in various designs and flavors. Initially unfamiliar in use, the electronic cigarette gives both the smoker’s fingers employment and the brain the necessary signals that everything goes its usual way. The lungs feel that they are filled with vapor, the eye sees the „smoke“ and the smoker tricks himself piece by piece.

Final weaning

However, since the reward system of the former smoker associated with nicotine is not stimulated, the electronic cigarette loses its appeal after a few weeks. The new non-smoker will reach for it less often and at some point, without regret, will refrain from using it as the last relic of his smoking days. Smoking cessation is successful and a newly non-smoker looks forward to a much healthier future.