Is snuff the healthier alternative to smoking

An alternative to smoking – snuff

The snuff as a new product from South America, was advertised circa in the 17th century. In Europe in the twentieth century, amino acids were immediately hailed as a new drug.

People have tried many things with the finely chopped tobacco It was even eaten by the spoonful to find out which diseases it could cure.

In all that has been done, it was a pure coincidence that someone pulled the tobacco through the nose. However, much too much, so that a violent sneezing attack was the result.

But the strong sneezing was also a relief for the nasal breathing and also gave a free head. Snuff was born.

Tobacco became socially acceptable. However, its consumption at that time was reserved only for the rich people. It was chic to “snuff” the tobacco and sneeze hard afterwards.

Today, snuff is an indispensable part of our society, and that’s just as well.

Snuff as a stimulant

Tobacco has been popular for many centuries on almost all continents. It is a finely ground mixture of one or more types of tobacco.

It is consumed by sucking it in through the nose. It has a brown color and an aromatic smell.

The nicotine unfolds its effect over the front nasal mucous membranes. Pulling in too hard can cause pain.

Also for this reason, snuff is sucked slowly into the nostril from the back of the hand or fingertips.

The greatest pleasure brings the small pinches, if they are sniffed only very lightly on.

Already after a few seconds you feel the tingling sensation of freshness.

After prolonged use, however, a habituation effect sets in, so that the stimulus is less perceived.

Snuff as a healthy alternative

The tobacco is smokeless and environmentally friendly. High-ranking scientists have confirmed that there is no cancer risk from nicotine per se.

Since no tobacco is burned, because the snuff belongs to the types of tobacco that are not smoked, the harmful aspects of smoking are omitted.

Nicotine gets into the body very quickly through snorting. Since the quantity is always very small, depending on the situation, snuff is a stimulant.

It is the best alternative to enjoy tobacco smoke-free. It is healthier and your fellow men are not bothered by tobacco smoke.

For this reason, it is also popular among athletes. A little pinch refreshes and keeps the nose clear.

Snuff packaging is usually small metal cans. It is declared as a stimulant, just like coffee.

However, as with other stimulants, there is a risk of dependence! The mass of consumption makes it.

As usual in Germany, the ingredients in snuff are subject to the strict German Tobacco Law.

Of course, quality controls are carried out continuously.

Who buys snuff, receives an absolutely natural product without carcinogenic additives.

It is consumed smoke-free, sparing your lungs and those around you from foul-smelling smoke.

It is absolutely socially acceptable and its consumers can be found in all social classes.

Today there are so many different kinds of snuff that surely everyone will find “his variety.