Erectile Dysfunction – Possible Causes and Possibilities for Improvement

Erectile dysfunction – this may be the cause

Erectile dysfunction, the technical term for this symptom, often means a loss of self-confidence for those affected, as they no longer feel like a „whole man“.

When a man’s best friend refuses to get hard, it means a perceived end of the world for many men.

But what are the causes when a man’s erection is no longer hard enough, and what can be done to improve the situation??

1. Daily form

Unfortunately, a defective erection is still a taboo subject today. Affected men often feel ashamed and would therefore never openly admit to this mishap.

For this reason, the vast majority of people are not aware that almost every man in his life experiences a lack of erection.

Therefore, one should not panic if the erection should ever fail to appear. After all, the human body is not a machine and does not always function at the touch of a button“.

If the erection remains only occasionally, this is therefore still far no reason for concern, but the missing erection rather depends on the form of the day.

2. Stress

A lot of stress, for example at work, can also cause erectile dysfunction, because who has to stand „his man all day“, this is often difficult in the home bed.

Affected persons should see the lack of an erection in such cases as a warning signal from their body and consciously take a step back to reduce the stress level.

With a little more free time, the erection usually starts again reliably. The most beautiful secondary matter of the world is then nothing more in the way.

3. Fear of failure

Who has to complain about the absence of his erection once, often develops a real fear of failure. The thoughts revolve during sex then only around whether „he probably works today“.

With so much pressure and fear of failing or embarrassing yourself, it’s almost inevitable that erections will actually fail to materialize.

Thus a real vicious circle develops, in which a man’s erection actually fails to appear due to fear of erectile dysfunction.

Breaking out of this vicious circle is very difficult for those affected and, in the worst case, is only possible with the help of a sex therapist.

That is why it is best not to let it get that far in the first place. Because just because the „general“ retires before the battle, this does not mean that the whole battle is lost.

If the erection does not occur, you should not worry about it and instead take care of your partner in other ways and continue to enjoy sex together.

The situation often improves quickly and the erection sometimes returns the same night.

4. Lack of self-confidence

Once the fear of failure has manifested itself, those affected often have little self-confidence and doubt that they will ever again be able to experience carefree sex.

In such cases, it is advisable to take a sexual enhancer. For example, many men have good experiences with Viasil.

Because in this way, one(s) finds that everything is fine physically and no longer feels like a failure with a sense of accomplishment in the back. As a result, it often works again without potency drugs.

5. Diseases

If the erection fails more often, you should definitely go to the urologist. Although in most cases the reasons for this are psychological, in some cases they also result from serious diseases.

For example, there may be a circulatory disorder that urgently needs to be treated.