Plan and conduct your funeral online – make digital provisions

Digital provision for a funeral

The Internet is helping more and more people to obtain comprehensive information online before making important decisions. In the meantime, a funeral can also be planned and booked online.

The “digital funeral home” may sound unconventional at first, but it’s a good idea. The course of the funeral does not differ, however, from the course of a funeral, which is organized and ordered at the classical funeral director with store in the city center.

Planning a funeral at home online

However, the way of planning from home offers clear advantages. The organization of the funeral can take place in familiar surroundings without any time pressure or pressure to make decisions.

You can consult with your relatives and choose the right coffin, the desired flower arrangement and all other services and products together online.

On the computer or even with the smartphone can be designed so the individual funeral, which corresponds to their own ideas and the wishes of the deceased.

The actual handling – such as organizing the funeral, making arrangements with a funeral speaker or individualizing the invitation cards – is left to the experts at the digital funeral home.

Record individual requirements of burial during lifetime

Similar considerations apply to thoughts about one’s own burial. Although we cannot influence how and when our life ends, we can ensure that the funeral is arranged according to our own wishes.

As a person, you have individual requirements and ideas about the type of funeral, for example, so it is all the more important not to delay making provisions for too long and to record your own wishes in good time.

This can ensure that one’s own relatives in an emotional state of emergency have certainty about where and in what way we want to be buried.

Without advance care, even the simple question of the type of burial desired by the deceased can be overwhelming if the deceased never expressed an opinion about it during his or her lifetime.

Digital provision of the funeral

With mymoria’s digital funeral arrangements, in which you record what you want your funeral to look like, you can take a lot of the burden off your relatives’ shoulders. The funeral will take place as you have imagined it.

Once registered in the free pension portal, the entire funeral can be planned in a few simple steps and arranged according to one’s own individual ideas.

Questions about whether a large funeral service with many acquaintances is desired or the funeral should take place in a small setting, or which flower arrangement you would like, can be configured into an individual offer with full cost transparency.

During the consultation and execution of the funeral, customers can fully rely on the many years of experience and expertise of the funeral team. And that around the clock, seven days a week.

The funeral experts support the bereaved empathetically and reliably in arranging the funeral according to your needs and in implementing the wishes of the deceased from the pension plan.

With the newly revised and expanded pension portal, one’s own wishes can be adapted at any time and pension provision can be accessed around the clock.

This gives people the certainty of being able to relieve their bereaved as best as possible in the emotionally exceptional situation of loss.